Sam Wilson, Pastor

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I grew up in a Godly home where Jesus was taught to be the first priority in my life. I praise the Lord every day that He chose to put me in a home where I was taught that the death, burial and resurrection is the most important piece of life. I walked the aisle on a Sunday night service at FBC Jay, Oklahoma where my father was the pastor. I recall falling asleep during my father’s sermon. My brother woke me up during the invitation time and said, “I bet if you go forward tonight and get saved that dad will buy us pizza!” I thought to myself, “I love pizza!” So, without any reservations or hesitations I went to the front. I remember my dad taking me by the hand and asking, “Sam, why did you come forward tonight?’ In that moment I felt like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story”, so I whipped up some tears and said to him, “I need to ask Jesus into my heart.” That night my father questioned me about my sins and why I am in need of a Savior. I nailed it! I had passed the Baptist Faith and Message test! So I chanted the sinner’s prayer not knowing what I had truly done. Yes, that night I got my deep dish pepperoni pizza but not a relationship with the Father. But this is why God is so great. He never stopped pursuing me. God finally cornered me during the devotional time our first night at Falls Creek the summer of 1997. For the first time in my life I felt the weight of sin and shame. I began to question my relationship with Jesus. I said to myself, “What is my purpose?” “Why does God seem so distant?” Following the evening devotions I went straight to my bunk confused and desperate for answers to questions that were too hard for me to answer. After everyone quieted down, I went to a friend’s bunk and began confessing my frustrations. He tried his best to relieve my fears and doubts but they only grew stronger. My friend suggested that I ask God for answers, so that night I prayed, “God please help me understand who You are and if You saved me, please reveal Your truth!”  The next evening was part of God’s divine plan to reveal my true spiritual identity. The camp pastor, Rodney Gage, began to preach about a PK (preacher’s kid) and how hard it was to live life in a GLASS HOUSE. Every word that proceeded out of his mouth was like taking a very long look in the mirror. Every fear that I faced the night before was answered. Following the evening service I truly asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior! I was saved July 9th, 1997.

I was called to the ministry my freshman year of college, 1999, at FBC Miami, OK. Since that day I have made a commitment unto the Lord that I will do my best to win the lost and disciple the saved. My heart burns for discipleship, my life’s desire is to teach people to be disciples who make disciples.

I was married June 30th, 2001, to my beautiful wife, LeeAnn. We have 5, that’s right 5, kiddos that we love with all our heart. Hallee (the only girl) and Luke were born in 2006. Then came Ryan two years later in 2008. Zack was born in 2010. Joey was b0rn in 2012. It may be a crazy life but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Casey Whiteis Youth Minister



Casey did not grow up in church, however, in 1996 was forced to go to church camp at Falls Creek in Davis, OK. On June 25, at the age of seventeen, he surrendered his life fully to Christ desiring Him to be the Lord and Savior of his life. In 1997, at Salina First Baptist Church, God called him into ministry. However, he did not fully surrender to that call until June 2000.

Casey married Debbie (Hoffman) in 1999. Casey feels as though she is an incredible help mate for him and one of his biggest assets in ministry as she loves serving alongside him. She is very active, supportive, and passionate. Together, they have three wonderful children; Jillian, Christopher, and Billy.

Casey has served in many areas of ministry. Casey holds a Master of Divinity, Professional Ministries: Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Master of Arts, Theological Studies and Church Growth: Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Bachelor of Arts, Gerontology and Family Studies: Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, OK.

Casey enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, football, and spending time with his family.


Katie Asbury, Children’s Director


Children’s Director, Katie Asbury hails from Arizona where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from The University of Phoenix.

Katie married her husband, Aaron, in 2008. They have two children, Ava and Weston.  Katie came to know the Lord as her personal Savior in February 2014 and shortly after, God called Aaron and Katie to relocate their family. In June of 2015 the Asburys relocated to North East Oklahoma, and in March of 2017 Katie was called into children’s ministry.

Katie loves children and desires to see them grow and mature in God’s grace. She hopes to help prepare our parents and children to be strong Christians in an anti-Christian world.


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